Sponsored Projects

Since its inception in 2009, BCA has sponsored projects of various sizes, from activities of Salesian youth centres and oratories, to improving facilities of Salesian schools, etc. Our aim is to carry out the mission of Don Bosco and to help the disadvantaged children and youth in the society.

To cope with the needs of the society and the direction of the Salesian services, sponsoring South East Asian youth services is one of the main focus of our work.

Our sponsored organizations include:
1.     Don Bosco Boys' Club - Salesian School Shaukeiwan
2.     Don Bosco Youth Club - St. Louis School
3.     Cheung Chau Don Bosco Oratory
4.     Aberdeen Technical School
5.     C&W District St Anthony's School
6.     Don Bosco Youth Centre (Salesian Yip Hon Millennium Primary School)
7.     Oratori - Tung Chung
8.     Don Bosco South Asian Youth Services
9.     Procurator in Hong Kong of the Salesian Society

Learn more of the criteria for application of sponsorship and click here for the application form.

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