Please join us as a member and start caring for the disadvantaged and neglected youth that are in our very own community.

The different types of Membership of Bosco Charity Association is listed below:

BCA Ordinary Membership - HK$10,000
BCA Bronze Membership - HK$30,000
BCA Silver Membership - HK$50,000
BCA Gold Membership - HK$100,000
BCA Diamond Membership - For over HK$100,000

Any donor who contributed over HK$10,000 will be considered by the General Committee to become the Association’s Lifetime Member. Any Lifetime Member who has contributed total donation sum of HK$100,000 will become one of our Voting Members.

Admission of membership is solely on the discretion of the General Committee of the Association.

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On behalf of the poor and disadvantaged youth, we thank you very much for your generosity!